Bubble down 22nd March - DDoS and other Issues

Just FYI All production apps are down.


Same issue, was doing some important work , I dont know even the changes will be saved

Just out of curiosity, what’s causing these issues and why does it seems to always occur around the same time in the morning? Peak load?

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Dang… I was just getting some client sign ups too.

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Why is bubble status page showing there is no downtime today?

I see problems with cluster but I believe we are having a downtime, no?

I’ve found that it usually alerts you pretty early when no longer saving changes due to outage.

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Welp i guess it’s time to read some forum posts and do some research.


yep, some people above pasted screenshots of “Issues with Main Bubble Cluster”

We are down - Live et al.

I hope @emmanuel or @josh hire me! Please


My site is still offline.

Is it possible to publish the root cause once everything is fixed?


website here is down as well

But why is bubble status page showing “no downtime recorded on this day”?
If this is not a downtime, what is?

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It probably takes time to update. But don’t dwell on that, they have acknowledged the issue here in this post.


Yeah a 76 second page load time is painful.

To be fair, this is Atlassian’s page/software. I’m guessing the logging of downtime is not live/precise, or is buggy in some other way.

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damn…. I hate these

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If I had dedicated servers would this still be an issue?

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How’s everyone’s day going? :upside_down_face:


I finally know that i’m not the Administrator of my site…
It’s time to pivot