Bubble Down? 8th April 2019

Getting the error on frontend and editor:
Unexpected error, please try again shortly. (Reason: bal)

Anybody else having the same issue?

Same here

Yes, same issue

Yep, just about to write a forum post on this!

Yep, bubble is down currently.

Bubble always seem to go down when I need to get an app finished…

Just got this email:


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Yeah forgot to check the status page:

yea i think ill set my phone to silent

Yes - main cluster

Here’s link to status page: https://status.bubble.is/

We’re looking into this.

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It’s Back up for me

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And back up. Not as long a break as I was expecting… Thanks a LOT, guys…

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Back up for me too. Good stuff.

That was quick… back up for me too.