Bubble editor plugins upgrade notification message or icon when a plugin 'can upgrade'

This is just a really small thing, but it would be nice when plugins being used on a web app are updated by the plugin author and they can be upgraded - to be notified of this.

The notification could be either in the form of a popup, similar to the Bubble upgrade versions, so first time you go your web app it will display the plugin that can be upgraded (this should probably just happen once per plugin upgrade). Or better yet, something as simple as a notification icon over the ‘Plugins’ tab on the Bubble editor. Mockup below.



Otherwise without specifically going to the Plugins tab or noticing a forum post from the author its difficult to know when a plugin has been updated and is upgradable. It can of course be handy to know of these upgrades for bug patches and stability fixes, so holds some importance to it.



Agreed, a bit more of a visual indicator would be pretty helpful.

Another potential item is if the debugger could show a notification. (Using an old version of a plugin isn’t exactly a bug. But it would be nice if it created a notification/alert that dismissed itself after being viewed).


Yeah its quite a minor thing, but just useful if your web app is running a few plugins that are typically 3rd party produced, as they can get updated on a fairly frequent basis, with added features but of course important fixes at times.

Good point, I think the debugger could at least have a small notice as maybe a new version of the plugin has an important bug fix/patch, hence someone might be using the debugger for that very reason :grin:.

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