Bubble endpoint doesn't show it is receiving post


I have an API endpoint set up inside Bubble to receive a post from another system, and I’m setting it to initialize but it never does.

Postman says it’s working. My other platform says it’s working. But I see no action on Bubble’s end. I’m wondering what I’m overlooking that’s causing this to not work.

Below are my API settings.

POST settings from other platform:

Response from other platform:

So where am I going wrong?



What’s the secret to getting help in this forum? I don’t seem to be having any luck, yet I know there’s some API gurus in here.

I haven’t had to use the API functionality of Bubble for any of my apps yet, so I’m not helpful on the topic. What does the rest of the workflow on that endpoint look like?

It will take the received data and create a new thing/record. But I need to receive data to do that. I have a couple others similar and they work so I don’t know what the difference is.

Did Bubble’s server log show anything?

From your screenshot it seems that there is only the authorization header being sent. I’d try adding another header to tell Bubble what type of body data is being sent:

Content-type: application/json


Doesn’t it find that out when it’s receibung the data in initialize state?

In general an endpoint shouldn’t assume the content type, JSON is also text, and could have been intended as an attachment.


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