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Bubble expert required (paid)

Hi all!

I’m looking to develop a prototype for testing using Bubble. I don’t have the time to learn how to really master bubble and then create something epic, so I’m essentially looking to provide the brief for someone to go and create the prototype using bubble.

If you love bubble & you’re an expert, please reply to this thread!

Many thanks,

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Hey there @jake4,

I just moved your post over to #jobs-freelance to get more eyes on your listing.

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Hi there! I am a bubble developer who has taken time to master the platform and I can help you build pretty much anything you would like to build. Please reach me at [email protected]

Hi @jack4
I am a part time bubble developer and coach. I have also published two plugins on the marketplace and launched three apps on my own (you can visit for instance). I love bubble specifically because of how fast you can prototype anything with it, and I would be pleased to work on your project.
Let me know if you’re interested !
Have a good day (-;

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