Bubble Feature Request! :) "Make Image as Wide as Parent Element"

Can we please, please, please have an image have this option “Make Image as Wide as Parent Element.”

Right now it only is like that when inserting an image on the background of the page. Can we please have this little feature with any image? This will help tremendously with height issues that bubble has. Please! :slight_smile: With a cherry on top!

Or however else you get the image to not look like this:

I just solved it, ha! Instead of using an “Image” i used a “group” and put the image as the background image. Weird work-around. But it worked. :slight_smile:


Your approach is what I typically do in that situation.

For those interested, I have a video on setting up hero images (ie. image stretching across the page) and setting up shadows.

Dan (LearnTo)

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