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Bubble for entreprise software: privacy issues?

Hi all,

I’ve been playing with Bubble and I find it amazing. However, I have got a commercial question for those who already sell to clients using Bubble:

How do you convince enterprise client if their data are private?
I mean… in my situation, I have to make a proposal to a client (he wants to make some internal procedures more efficiently and I think bubble is the best solution) but the data is quite private (data concerning employees salaries, etc.).
They use their own intranet and their own databases for the moment.
So is it possible to convince this type of client?
Has someone had some experience with privacy issues in companies?



Emmanuel here, cofounder.

While I can’t tell precisely how others convince their clients things are secure, I can give you a few hints when talking to your clients.

Generally speaking, Bubble is hosted on AWS West Region (Oregon, US) which maintains a state-of-the-art security infrastructure. We encrypt all traffic to over https, and encourage and support our clients to use encryption on their own domains. All user passwords are stored salted + encrypted in our database; other user data is encrypted at rest (we’re on AWS RDS).

You can add a SSL connection to your own domain under the Professional Plan. If you’re on domain, SSL is included.

In terms of making sure non authorized users see some data, you have to set up some privacy rules that are enforced server side. that’s an advanced feature but necessary if you want data to be secure.

Lastly, for enterprise clients, we can move them on a dedicated hosting plan, where we do the same as above, but only for them and their data. Isolation can have some value for larger clients.


@yvan Take the time to develop a demo app that you can use to demonstrate to potential clients.
Create different demo users, dummy data, etc and then apply what Emmanuel suggested… Give your clients something to look at physically.

Hope this helps



Thanks for your answers @emmanuel & @raymond.
I’ll try to use all of this to make the best pitch ;).

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