Bubble Freelancers - UK Based Only

Hi Bubblers!! If you’re based in the United Kingdom and available for freelance work then put your hand up and add your name to this list. Write “Yes” underneath if you’re a well honed Bubble developer or product owner - and add any other info about yourself that you think would be useful.

There’s quite a bit of working now coming through from the UK, including regular work from accelerators and corporate clients as well as entrepreneurs.

Yes! My name is Dylan, and I am from Sheffield, England. I am currently attending college and so have a lot of freetime. I haven’t done any professional work with Bubble yet, but I have been using the platform for a couple of years now, and would love an opportunity to widen my experience!


Sent you a message :slight_smile:

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Yes. I am a solutions architect with 10 years experience. I have been told I have a ‘founders’ mentality, I guess that comes from having run my own business and managed products with fine grained expectation and budgets. I live in south London.

I am open to startup ideas and full on applications with business process logic and integration to third party services.

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