Bubble Groups height and plugins

Hi guys,

As you know parent bubble groups adjust their height based on their content. I have written several plugins and when placed inside a group sometimes their content gets cut off because the parent group doesn’t auto-adjust

Is this something you have encountered? Is it a bug? Is it a missing feature?
Am I missing a magical piece of code?

You have to access to instance element height and then make changes on the size depending on the events.

I thought of that but isn’t that property exclusive to the plugin container? My problem is with parent containers(parent groups).

I have Group A that contains Plugin B. If Plugin B dynamically changes it’s size and gets bigger than the height of Group A it will cutoff the contents of the plugin.

When your plugin container expands without modifying instance element height before, will not expand properly on other groups and will cut off the content.

Edit: Make sure you tested using an image or other elements under your plugin and see if the elements scroll down when your plugin expands


Just to confirm the solution. I totally missed the setHeight function on the instance object. I had tunnel vision with the properties.height field.