Bubble.io API Integration - JWT Auth with box

Did anyone try Bubble integration here yet using JWT authentication for box ? I’m lost on how to do it with the Bubble API Connector.

Does someone know how to make it work ?

@Jici do you know how I can do it ?

For what I know, not all JWT are compatible with Bubble.
I know that the Google one yes, but for Box I don’t know.
Did you check the Bubble native Box integration?

Also, did you consider client_credentials instead of JWT?

I’m kind of new with API, so I kind of look into it but it didn’t work either.

If it easier I’m all for it!

I already use the box integration made by bubble and it works perfectly, but the only gave you the ability to store your file in box. For my application I need to be able to store the shareable link of box in the data base, so when user click on the file, the open the document trough the box application.

If I already did the connexion with the box integration by bubble, can I use the same authentication to get the shareable link of the file ? :thinking:

@Jici would you be available to meet by videoconference to see if I could solve this problem.

I would be willing to pay you for this meeting.

En attente de ta réponse.