Bubble.is database host

Hello, I am looking to use Bubble to build an web based app that can allow users to run reports. I need to build a database for company profiles, user profiles and machine profiles. The machine profiles will have over 1,000 machines.

Does Bubble support a database host internally, or should I put it to an external database?

Thank you for any assistance!!


you can define your own data types which effectively become database tables. You can interact with them via the application you build on bubble. There is also a database connector so you can connect bubble to external database.

Thank you for that prompt reply! I greatly appreciate it. If I use the database tables in Bubble, is it possible to run reports on them? I assume I can build that functionality within Bubble.

Thanks again!

it is up to you what you build! Why don’t you look through the intro videos to see is possible.

You can build pretty much whatever you want. You can also expose your database as a public or private RESTful API.

Check it out, it will blow your mind.