Bubble is one of the most innovative companies of 2021

Though we be but little, we are fierce.

For years, we have been a small team with big ambitions: our mission at Bubble has been to change the way people build software, start businesses, and interact with technology. This year, Bubble has been named in Fast Company’s prestigious annual list of the World’s Most Innovative Small and Mighty Companies for 2021.

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I want to thank all our users here, Bubble wouldn’t be there without you!


Awesome news indeed!!

Congrats guys, and keep up the great work :champagne: :partying_face:

Generally, I might add that I see on an everyday basis that the tone of discussions around no-code are changing indeed: from niche phenomenon, it’s definitely moving slowly and steadily into the mainstream, and a broader audience beyond the SME sphere.

You guys will be powering a big part of the internet some day. I thought that five years ago, and I still do.


Congratulations! Well done!

Congratulations Bubble team, you definitely deserve it ! Now, the goal is to see a company built on Bubble becoming part of this ranking…No doubt it will happen soon, and we’ll work toward that :wink:


This is awesome! Well done Bubble and Bubble community!

@Bubble is changing lives in various ways,

Someone from bubble team @vivienne @emmanuel need to look at the wikipedia page and it definitely require lot of improvement

When bubble will be listed…??

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This appreciation goes far for a lot of us :grinning:


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Amazing, well done!