Bubble make Xano API calls for hidden elements

Hi all,
I’m using bubble with Xano as a backend. Right now I’m building a single page app and I’ve noticed that Bubble is making request to Xano from elements which are hidden. It is slowing the page down heavily. Does someone encountered similar issues and know how to solve it and force bubble to only call requests connected with elements which are currently visible?

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Just wanted to say +1 on this topic.

API calls that rely on action: data seem to trigger even if their group/repeating group are hidden.


Yep. Ran into same issue…

I now let the data source empty… and put a condition in the condition tab : When this element is visible : Data source = my api call.


Yeah that’s what I did as well, but I can’t use it everywhere, in some cases it does not work for me. I that problem should be handled somehow by Bubble team. I’ve from some other people that they are having trouble with this as well.

if you want, explain where it doesn’t work… I managed to make it work everywhere.

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For example. I have a data source which right now is bond with only two groups. I’ve tried to leave default data source blank and make conditional and I’ve tried to leave it blank and display data via workflow when condition of visibility is true. In both cases when neither of elements was visible bubble makes calls for this endpoints (which fails, because of wrong inputs) anyways.

When I try to display data via workflow on condition something interesting is happening. Page was loaded correctly during normal navigation, but when I was refreshing the page, the dynamic data were empty.

Most of the time, it’s really just a matter of what will bubble generate first… for example, if it’s not visible because another element is over it but it’s still checked “display on page load”, it will trigger the condition “When this element is visible” (even if you don’t see it), actually it even goes for a reusable group, you sometime think it’s not visible but bubble will generate it… Hope you’ll work it out.

I have everything unchecked in “display on load” I’m showing elements via parameters. I think in this case conditions are causing this