Bubble Mobile Apps Editor Roadmap and Timeline

3 of those also have a native app…

but, every one of the 3 says their PWA is the most popular.

As a matter of fact, the 3 created a PWA because their native app was slacking in drawing customers.

Believe it or not, a whole lot of people still like to sit at home and browse on their PC/Laptop.

But yes, if you would like you can start another thread about the subject.

I’m not in any way against what Bubble is doing. I applaud them for moving forward with new ideas. I just have my own personal experiences from years of dealing with the subject.

Location services support will include background geolocation, provided the end user has the proper permissions to allow this. In app purchases will be supported eventually, but no additional details to share at this stage. In general, our approach is to integrate natively rather than use a third party service.

  • Will we be able to disable the ability for the app to capturing private data and IDFA?
  • The diffuse in-app purchases timeline seems a bit worrisome…there are a bunch of apps already wrapped using bubble that has some sort of IAP in place that means they will not be able to Bubbles native solution. I hope someone on the bubble team is checking out other players in the market and you will see if the solution does not have this figured out either through integration or natively it creates a ceiling of adoption.

PWAs are not good at offline support. Example, you want to upload an image to the app but you’re offline. A native app can store the image and upload when online.

Is Uber a PWA? I’m pretty sure it’s a native app.

I agree with everything you’re saying. PWAs are getting better. But if you want the best product on an iPhone then you need a native app.

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Uber is both.

As I said earlier, it’s personal preference.

But, PWAs are becoming more popular and apps that attract users are finding their PWA edition is used more.

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This would be huge, wow!

I am so fricking excited for this!

Ready to pay for too? :wink:

We have no idea how much they will charge for that.

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I’m sure it’ll be within the realm of reasonable, they have to compete with other tools that are cheap and, will be better than Bubble’s at the time Bubble launch it (i.e Bubble has catching up to do)

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Actually I expect it to be at no extra price given that they are having philosophy for people to pay for usage and not features. Having a mixed up approach is not good (which they do have a little bit right now too, while I think they shouldn’t)


You can actually read in @nick.carroll post

So actually, you will pay extra price for this features.

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:frowning: They should either stick to features based pricing or usage based. Shouldn’t have both.

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Really hoping they make it easy to convert the responsive version of the web app I’ve already built on Bubble to a mobile app. Already having nightmares about rebuilding all of the UI and workflows :dizzy_face:

I hope Bubble applications can also convert the front end and back end to generate React.js and Node.js. The code can then be exported and give developers the freedom to deploy on any host or cloud service.

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