Bubble Net Promoter Score Plugin

I recently got a popup satisfaction survey from bubble based on Net Promoter Score. Is there any chance that it could be made a plugin rather than users having to code it for our apps?

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You mean like to actually use the Net Promoter service?

If you just want to build a little rater input like that, I showed how in this thread:

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yes, I saw that and bookmarked it. Great stuff, as always!

But, yes use it as a plugin/API with bubble support.

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In my opinion, this type of plugin would be a great addition! I always appreciate the thoroughness @keith brings to building cool things, but a plugin that quickly solves a specific business use case without having to “create” much is what can really propel the Bubble plugin market forward. More suggestions like these, please!

You know, I don’t quite see where one gets a NetPromoter widget or whatever. I can’t quite figure it out. I’d assume that there’s just a bit of HTML you embed wherever you want in the page.

(In Bubble terms, some service will give you a snipped of HTML code. You would just drop that in your page in an HTML element.)

But I don’t “get” the whole NetPromoter thing as I’ve not used or deployed it ever… If you had a pointer to the right info…

Here’s the link, https://www.netpromoter.com/know/#help

That doesn’t actually tell us anything we need to know. What you’re looking for is documentation about deploying. (Kinda looks to me like Satmetrix also licenses this thing to other providers. Basically, what you need is to find the vendor you’re going to use and then read their docs.)

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