Bubble NOT resolving my bug report

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I don’t know what else to do but post here. I’ve filed a bug report because a HTML element (the BUY button!) is not showing correctly in one of my projects but showing correctly in another. I don’t want to embed it in an iFrame, as the user experience is totally different for this checkout button, and the popup looks terrible. Here is the problem:
a) HTML element details for the new project, where i pasted the EXACT same HTML element from my old project:

b) HTML element shows correctly for the new project:

c) HTML element details for the old project

d) HTML element not showing for the old project:

Here’s what Bubble support is saying:
“Our developers reviewed this and it turns out that an iframe is required for the code that the HTML element is downloading for it to work. Please let us know if you have additional questions.”

I told her again that it doesn’t explain how it works without an iFrame in 1 project but not in another.

Here’s the next reply:
“Our developers reviewed this again and confirmed iframe is the solution here.”

Any solution to this?

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Emmanuel here, founder. I’m glad you’re reporting this here as it gives me the opportunity the talk about solving issues when users use external code. We do our best to see if there is something we can do when users use custom HTML, but as this is not code written by us, there are limits to what we can do. In this case, we have tried on other apps and didn’t get the element to display, which makes us think there is a change with the code you are using.

For the HTML element, what we do is very simple. We basically inject the HTML in the div, as described here. If you check the iframe box, we inject it in an iframe.

This behavior has been like this for years, so if you see a change, maybe the code of the provider (or your custom code, I don’t know) has changed? I would recommend reaching out to the provider with an example page and ask them why their code is not rendering in this situation.

We do our best to help with custom code, but I hope you understand that this is a little bit out of the scope of support. Having said that, if you can share a page where it works, we can look again, your report didn’t provide this.

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Hi Emmanuel,

Thanks for your detailed reply. I really appreciate it. I understand that getting external code to work well with Bubble is kind of at the boundaries of the scope of support.

I’m in a real bind with this, as I can’t understand why this element shows in one project and not in another (I say project, and not page, because I pasted the same HTML element in other pages in the old project, and it doesn’t work. But it does work when I put it into a new project).

Here is the link:

Thanks for you help ! I hope we can figure this out !


This is not working here as well, which i think shows the script have an issue. Did you reach out to the provider with this page?

I can still see the HTML element both on mobile and desktop in that new project. I’ve searched through the provider’s entire forum and documentation - this issue isn’t happening anywhere else. I don’t know what else to do.

At a guess, it isn’t playing nicely with some other element on the page.

For me 1) Doesn’t show on standard Chrome. 2) Does show on Incognito Chrome 3) Shows on Edge 4) Doesn’t show on Firefox !

Did you reach out to the provider with this page?

Wow that’s so strange. Thanks for the help, Nigel ! Would never have guessed that it was behaving so differently across browsers.


Will do that right away, Emmanuel.

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