Bubble Performance (specifically Europe in the morning)


I have experienced bad performance of Bubble lately.
My feeling says it mostly happens in the morning or early afternoon CET…
This results in white screens in the App (my pilot customer reports this and I can reproduce myself)
However https://status.bubble.is/ does not mention any of these…
Is it probably connected to nightly deployments for the US? Just an idea…
Anyone else experiencing bad performance of Bubble specifically in Europe lately?


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Yep, I’m in Blighty and see similar

Yes, have queried this before, seems too much of coincidence that slow down time ties in with 1am New York time.

May not be Bubble itself, might be CDNs ?

We have a lot of this, especially our office in Eastern Europe. I really hope Bubble will introduce server choice soon within their existing plans.

I don’t necessarily need dedicated with the current plan setup, but server choice would be really really great. Frankfurt gives so much better results than Oregon…


I’m on eastern Virginia. I’m having performance problems specially a lag time between click and action.

Good to see that I am not alone with this and making things up :-)…
Will monitor that further and hopefully get the possibillity soon to specifically select servers here in Europe…I also saw a similar discussion ongoing with data protection background

To be honest, I haven’t experienced much problems with lag, it’s more my internet not wanting to cooperate.

I thought so too thats why I was asking. And yes sometimes indeed this is the problem no doubt.

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Unusable again this morning from Europe.

I wonder if it possible to clone the status page, and run it from here. That might give some clues as to what is going on.

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It’s sound more a general internet problem, many sites are difficult right now.

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