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Bubble - Plugin - add returned value list of a server-side plugin to the database as multiple records

Hey there bubblers,
I’ve scanned across the entire forum and didn’t find an answer, including @antony’s posts. and also’s. hopefully, someone could help me out.

I’ve built a server-side plugin that accepts fields of list of dynamic value any thing)

I have two data types in my bubble app:


The latter contains a personal score list which is a type of the former data type.
I’m not quite sure if this data type (table) is necessary, maybe it’s redundant.
(Also has “Top_aspects_list” which is a type of data type “Aspects” but I suppose this example is redundant

For now, I don’t have any actual calculations, just looking for the feasibility of my needs, so I put dummy returned values for the server-side function.

Ideally, I would like to return my custom data type/thing list back to Bubble app and insert them to the table (as multiple records).
If that can’t be achieved then at least return a list back to Bubble and insert them to the table (as multiple records).

So far I managed to return the items

But can’t add the list to the database as multiple records:

Many thanks to all the helpers.

Show the “Returned object” in the plugin editor (:

I guess I forgot, sorry about that :slight_smile:

Hopefully this will be helpful for this stuck with a similar issue