Bubble Progress Bar Should Have Option to Not Show %

Hi Everyone,

I have noticed some issues with the bubble progress bar that I think could be easy fixes. One of them is that there will sometime be a large number of trailing decimal places that extends the progress fill, as shown below:

This bar should only be about a third of the way filled in this picture of course.

There aren’t really any good work arounds for this at the moment - but one quick one seems to be that it would be great if there was simply a toggle so the app builder could choose to not show the text.

Another issue is that if you are doing a calculated decimal, it feeds the result as a direct number that a % is then slapped onto. i.e., 7 / 100 is shown as 0.07% rather than 7%. However, I get around this issue by multiplying the result by 100 but thought this may be something that should be changed also since the result is a little counter intuitive.

You can use :rounded or :ceil to fix the large trailing decimal
Check also plugin. I think there’s a few one that offer more options

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You can also match the font color with the progress bar color to hide the text.

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Or just set the font colour to 0% opacity.

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Thanks - this is the solution here. I was getting an error when using the :formatted_as in order to set the decimal places but :rounded does the trick.

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