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Bubble responsive device layout switcher not switching


I’m new to bubble app device responsiveness. I recently uploaded a design from Figma to Bubble, the issue is with responsive layout, the layout switcher is not switching to any layout but the “desktop”. My usual design page size was 1440px, which I need to make responsive across devices.

The “screen size dragger” is also not working. The same issue persists in most of my pages that were uploaded from figma along pages that were designed from scratch with bubble (few).

Does your page have a responsive layout (i.e. NOT fixed)?

Yes, it did have at first, but later removed for most of my pages, but the issue still remains

Well if you page doesn’t have a responsive layout, then you can’t access the responsive settings in the Responsive editor.

Do you want you pages to be responsive or not?

If you do then you need to give them a responsive layout.

If you don’t then the responsive editor is not relevant to you anyway.

my website/app does require a responsive layout, thus the hassle of troubleshooting & query about it. At this age an unresponsive website/app is quite meaningless unless of any very very niche use case.

Yes, exactly…

So why did you remove the responsive layouts from your pages?

Is it possible that while the page may not be Fixed, all the child groups are still Fixed? You will need to go through each group and make sure that it is either Row, Column or Align to Parent.

Yep it’s true in responsive designs fixed pages aren’t required