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Bubble Stripe plugin hangs after payment

In the Bubble Stripe plugin with Checkout v3, after submitting a payment and returning from the Stripe checkout page, there is a lag that can be anywhere from 1-10+ seconds before the workflow continues to run. During this time, it appears to the user as if nothing is happening, and they can click buttons and again navigate to the Stripe checkout page and possibly pay again. I haven’t been able to find a good workaround for this. Has anyone else experienced or found a solution?

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Hey @robbertbrouwers,

It looks like @josh1 is using Bubble’s Stripe plugin so definitely worth reaching out to Bubble! :slight_smile:

Oh great, so did I! Hopefully they’ll have a fix soon.

Hey guys, did any of you figure a way out of this 10-20 second delay?

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Would also be great if Bubble could add a redirect after payment parameter. My users go from my Sign Up page to the Stripe checkout page then BACK to the Sign Up page before finally being redirected to the appropriate tiered page. Doesn’t make for a great UX and this seems like a pretty straightforward fix on Bubble’s end.