Bubble Template Marketplace in Panama

Hi there,

I am CTO and co-founder of a Proptech in Panama. Our software is the only super app built with Bubble in Central America (184M population).

I have one serious complain.

As an entrepreneur, I wanna have a side hustle using a skill I have developed in the last few years which is a bubble programmer.
As anyone else, I have created my account in the marketplace to trade my app templates. However, the only payment gateway Bubble is using at the moment is Stripe. Unfortunately, Stripe is not functioning yet in Panama.

I wish Bubble could use Paypal as an additional option.
Does anyone have a similar problem?

When can Bubble implement PAYPAL as an other payment option for the Marketplace?

In case this is not happening anytime soon, where do you suggest a bubbler can trade his templates beside Bubble? And how?

Really appreciate your insights!

Thank you

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Fair point

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You could build a Chrome Extension that you could sell your bubble layout templates from via a bubble app.

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