Bubble Tips You Didn't Know You Needed


So this idea for a thread came up in another - cool tricks for Bubble that you’ve probably never even thought of but might want to use in your own projects. This is a collection - anyone can add to this list and I’ll edit the post to link to yours. They can of course be in this topic or a standalone topic.


How To Make Sticky Groups

How To Make Dynamic Primary Colour Variable / Whitelabelling


How To Find Last Quarter Date
How To Populate Repeating Group With No Data
How To Go From Data Type → Cumulative List of Numbers (for charts etc)
How To Get Item # within WF/RG


How To Make SaaS Plans Entirely In Stripe

Authenticating Stripe Webhooks


Handling Files and Bulk Deletion

Please do add your contributions below / link other threads for stuff that might lie here. This is for nifty ‘that’s neat’ tips for more experienced Bubblers rather than general Bubble tips. My favourite one here is the dynamic primary colour by @Thimo, I’d just never even considered specifying the colour by CSS before.


One of my favorites is @romanmg dropping one of the most creative methods I’ve ever seen for populating a repeating group without using a data type, option set, custom state, looping custom events, or a Do every x seconds workflow. Sure, why not just calculate a random string with the length of characters based on an integer input and then extract each character from the string with regex, eh, Gaby? Months later and that one still lives rent free in my head.


Adding a new one here - going from List of Things where each Thing has a number field → Cumulative list of numbers. This also uses this tip which I’m adding to the topic.

Displaying within an RG is fairly trivial, but getting the list of numbers natively not so much. The problem is to put in a chart, you need a list of numbers. So, how do we go from a list of data types to a list of numbers that we can pass into a chart? I’ve made a demo here:


  • get list of data types
  • format as text
  • work out the current data types index / item #
  • sum all of the values up until current data’s item #
  • format that as text and split by comma
  • list of cumulative sum numbers :slight_smile:

Probably a couple of solutions to this one but this seems pretty effective and works for most use cases.

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