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Bubble to Hubspot Integration

Hi, does anybody know how to pull information from Bubble to Hubspot?

We have a program that includes users and admins and we wanted to build a workflow that happens when the Admin goes in and changes one item in the User’s profile.
Once that item is updated a workflow should trigger to pull that user’s information into a specific Hubspot list depending on the name of item that was updated by the Admin.

For instance John creates a profile and our Admin goes in and changes John’s City to Chicago. Once the City is updated by the Admin a workflow triggers and pulls John’s profile and City into a corresponding Hubspot List for the city of Chicago. Similarly if Mary creates a profile and our Admin goes in and changes Mary’s City to Los Angeles. We want to be able to pull Mary’s profile and drop it into a Hubspot List for Los Angeles.

Hi Winnie, also interested in this. Did you find out since then ? Thanks

Yeah you can use the Hubspot API for this, I’ve just set up the full oAuth flow with Hubspot, and you can use the PATCH Contact endpoints in the API (assuming you’re using Contacts in Hubspot) to update the record…

CRM API | Contacts (you can find the PATCH endpoint in the dropdown).

If you don’t have the Hubspot contact ID saved in Bubble, you’ll also need to use their search endpoint to find the correct user to update.