Bubblers in Saudi Arabia

Where are the bubblers based in Saudi Arabia at? Would be great to get to know you all and possibly start a community.

I’ll start. I’m Mahir, living in Dammam. Been bubbling for 3+ years now. An Excel enthusiast for some time and since no code am working towards bubble becoming a full time thing.



السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته يا ماهر، أنا لست من السعودية أنا من مصر، ولكن وجدت منشورك بدون تعليقات، فقلت لماذا لا أتحدث مع صديق في الوطن العربي؟ 

Hi. You seem to have deleted your post, but my apologies. Could not get around to replying to it earlier!

My Arabic is not that polished though I understood what you were saying! I am not from Saudi Arabia but am residing here. Looking to get to know more bubblers here.

Hello to you as well! And thanks for replying. What are you working on now?