Bubbles Prices and issues

I am probably not the first nor the last to talk about the hella high prices on bubble. I understand yes it is free and most people use the free plan but **** me (Yes i censored my own text). Like even for the “Personal” which is the first paid one. Christ that’s quite a bit. I am not saying prices should drop like a hella load but it’s kinda eh. And for collabs to be paid when there is free ways of doing it eitherway is also a eh to me. Here is a few issues with Free plan gainst paid.

Lower chances of creators getting paid

Of course on bubbles terms you can only buy PAID plugins when you pay for their Plans. Which is kind of ridiculous. Not everyone is going to pay for Plans then go on a spending spree with Plugins. Creators will lose money because no one will buy. Everyone will go off free plans and free plugins which doesn’t help people that want their work paid for.

Data backups

I haven’t stressed this one in a while. Data backups are IMPORTANT for not only the website owner but for peoples personal information. If a website does have a fault. There could be a backup of the site/the data. This will allow the owner to temporarily transfer the data from one website to another to keep the customers happy and ready to do what they need. If the web goes down there is stress and panic. And if all data gets lost (which could be important) it is under the website owners fault. As they have not done a “Data backup”.


I won’t rant about this much but there is two other ways to do this for free. So why not just make it free. I think we all at this point know how to do a collab for free. I did it on my first day using bubble. I dont get the point of paying for a Pro plan just to be able to collab with ONE person. It seems eh. Quite stupid in a way.


Once again not a big rant but gee. Your logo. Is EVERYWHERE. We can’t remove it off the favicon. Like we can’t even remove it off the bottom of the website. Isn’t that enough? I understand that it’s a free plan but that’s too much. I think we should be able to freely change our favicon. The bottom bit can stay if it wants.

This isn’t because I am mad. It’s just my opinion that I’d like to share about bubble itself and possibly have enough support to get this changed. There is a lot of cons and pros. But cons are unfortunately taking over slowly. Including the amount of new bugs being added every update. Hopefully, the message gets sent out and gets enough support. Thank you!
~Cosmic Solutions/ CAD/MDT Builders! (Vexx#5900)

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The app that I have running on my Personal plan at $16 a month would have cost me $7500 to have built by a coder, plus another $300-500 a month in server costs. I won’t talk about your other points, as they don’t impact me in anyway, but paying $16 a month for a production app is ridiculously cheap. I don’t know anywhere else you can get a production app running on a fully hosted infrastructure for anywhere near that price.


I guess you do have a fair point. But still about the collabs. As I said I have 2 different ways of allowing myself to join a few users into one app for free. Its simple and theres no bug or nothing to it. Data backups. They’re important but im not paying $69 for a simple 7 day backup. At least one backup with a limit of some sort (1gb etc) should be permited. And the issue of creators not getting paid because most users using free plans instead of paid. That impacts them

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It’s still 16 bucks (Personal) for 7 day backup, not sure where you got the 69 from.

And from experience - very rarely you need more than 24 hours for a rollback window when you’re keeping a proper eye on the system (except for those reealy bad screwups where even that’s not a solution), so you’re overestimating the value of this.

P.S. If you ever wonder what expensive is - check out OutSystems pricing - a competitor low-code solution.


I may have got pricings wrong. But me being me I’m still in the mindset of holy crap those prices.

Maybe you should leave the CAD/MDT scene and use your Bubble skills to build something that people are willing to pay real money for.

If you are building bubble apps for gamers that are close to broke and just know free any Bubble pricing plan will seem expensive to you.

Bubble pricing is more than fair. Do yourself a favor and focus on other markets.

Edit: You actually seem calm and civilised. Unlike the CAD/MDT subforum. How can you guys cope with all the toxicity over there?


I am surprised that Bubble offers the amazing platform they have for under $20 bucks. If I’d built this platform, it’d definitely be over $50 a month. As @JonL said, Bubble is for apps. Not game platform thingys. Bubble is priced fair. Don’t like it, leave.


Btw, Outsystems seems to have everything you want for free: https://www.outsystems.com/pricing-and-editions/

Personally, I hate it.

ANEN! about OutSystems. About three years ago they (started) at around 25k/year.