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Bubblewits Blog - A Blog about Bubble

Hi Bubble Community!

As all of you, we believe Bubble Platform deserves to be widely known and used by everyone who ever thought about creating great products and services.

To make our small contribution to that, as some of you already did - we are starting a Blog about Bubble to show the world how great we all are :slight_smile:

We will be doing our best to highlight and promote cool things all of you accomplish using Bubble framework, as well as announce about any important features and highlights from Bubbleโ€™s story that will make more people want to try it out.

Sort of like this forum, but with more of a social edge :slight_smile:
We decided to use Medium platform as a start, since there are already quite a few great articles there about what Bubble is, and we decided to leverage some of the target audience in there.

Our first post is for people that know little to none about Bubble, so itโ€™s probably going to be a bit boring for most of you, but we would be glad to hear your feedback on what we wrote regardless, on any aspect of the article (even grammar nazis are most welcome :slight_smile: - we are not native speakers, so every little bit helps).

Let us know what you think, and once you feel like it - feel free to like, share and comment :slight_smile:



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