Bug with element showing only on mobile

Hi everyone,

I have a basic action where you can select an image (inside a RG with a list of 3 images), and when selected, an element appears.
If you select Image 1 and then select Image 2, Image 1 is automatically deselected. (custom states)

The app has also various TABS.

Everything works perfectly on computer but on mobile no.
Instead of showing the element it should show, it sets the states of an other tab and shows the content of this other tab.
It can work for 2 min properly and then starting to do that. Or sometimes it doesn’t work properly at all.

I already have been checking everything in details, elements, workflows, custom states for the tabs, responsiveness settings… and the debug mode doesn’t show me nothing neither because the bug doesn’t happen on computer.

Is it possible to have the debug mode running on mobile ? I can’t make it happen…
Or any other idea would be more than appreciated :slight_smile: !

thank you !