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Bug with "is logged in"

There’s some odd behaviour with User is logged in.

1. Documentation issue

First, let’s address an obvious issue. The link to documentation is broken.
“See reference -->” sends to Operators & Comparisons - Bubble Docs but the documentation has the old name and the current link is still Operators & Comparisons - Bubble Docs

For the logged out, it’s more visible.
Current name: “isn’t logged in”
Reference link: “#is-logged-out
Current link: “#…is-logged-out”

Okay, now let’s see about the bug.

2. Implementation bug

The documentation says:
“Returns yes when the current user is logged in.”

So, if I do a search on Users, then display their
image (with y=“LOGGED IN”, n=“LOGGED OUT”)
If the documentation is correct, I would expect it to show “LOGGED IN” to all of them when I’m currently logged in. And “LOGGED OUT” when I’m currently logged out.
If the documentation is incorrect and it is the selected User’s status instead (and not the Current User’s), I would expect to see a mix of “LOGGED IN” and “LOGGED OUT”.
However, I see this value is always “LOGGED IN”.

If this value represents nothing when not applied to “Current User”, then maybe it should not be accessible? Either way, there’s a bug, at least in the documentation. At most in the implementation.

Hey there,

Have you filed a bug report at

The condition that you posted says “Current CELL’s user is logged in”, not “Current user”

If you have a list of users in a repeating group and the CELL’s user is not logged in “LOGGED IN” for that cell.

@gbenchanoch My point exactly.
It’s not the value taken from “Current User”, because whether I’m logged in or not, it always says “LOGGED IN”.

It’s not the value taken from “Current CELL’s user” either because when I log some of them out, it still says “LOGGED IN”.

@johnny Not yet, no. Wanted first to post here, to check if anyone had some obvious observation that I could have missed, first. And also maybe some people might want to try reproducing it to confirm the BUG status :slight_smile:

I tried it, and I agree with your assessment. It doesn’t behave as one would expect. Seems worthy of a bug report to me.


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Just checking to see if privacy rules may have something to do with it. Perhaps the current user does not have permission to access other user’s logged in status?

Maybe, but we cannot access that through Privacy, so it’s still a bug either way.

@johnny I’ve filed a bug report.

I’ve created an app to reproduce quickly the behaviour:

The editor:

The condition that you posted says “Current CELL’s client is signed in”, not “Current client”

In the event that you have a rundown of clients in a rehashing bunch and the CELL’s client isn’t signed in “Signed IN” for that cell.

TLDR version for anyone out there - you can’t see if a different user other than yourself is logged in. is logged in only ever works for Current User.

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