Build in public - open bubble apps?

Bonjour everyone,

Wondering if there are any bubble apps who are fully transparent, sharing metrics, including revenue, users and traffic.

Would be great to make a list of open bubble apps so it can inspire others entrepreneurs.

I will start with us :


Interesting stuff!

Curious though, do you make sure users agree to share their info in the recent bookings and recent members sections? Feels a bit too personal to share from a user standpoint

Also, always interesting to see the Expense column, especially in the co-living model :wink:

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

TBH bubble already shows users in public through /api Endpoint.

We just decided to show the first name and eventually the avatar like any other marketplace.

If we users complain we can decide to have customs privacy per users but Bubble does not handle complex conditions in Privacy

For expenses we don’t run all the spaces now as we have partners such as coliving operators and hotels so we can not know their expenses.

However we can share in the future the expenses of our SaaS, salaries, etc. This will take more time to build.

Another thing we’ve proud of is to make our testing suite public :slight_smile:

We realised with Bubble that we move fast but also break things (too) fast…

From a Bubble dev viewpoint I get the ways certain data is exposed and also how to prevent it, but from a general user of a website viewpoint I might want certain info to be hidden depending on the expectations of the platform. If the idea of Hackerhouse is that it’s a community that shares travel plans then obviously it makes sense, but if the expectation is a more AirBnB style booking in co-living then I would feel off showing where I am going next publicly (too much paparazzi attention :sweat_smile:)

Makes sense about the expenses and 100% agree about the moving fast and breaking things with Bubble, it’s part of the fun :metal:

Nowadays blockchain developers and indie hackers have their own community so if you are famous, people can follow you around the world :rofl:

Breaking things on Friday at 5pm is not fun for the week-end :roll_eyes:

What plugin do you use for making/displaying those tests? Is it something like ‘test coverage’ in classic apps?

@HappyBuilder We actually use for testing our app.

To make them public we just unofficially call their graphAPI :roll_eyes:

I believe they will make an API for that :slight_smile:

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