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I think the stretching/cursor issue is now fixed. Could you please let me know if now it works as you expected?

Apologies for the delay.

HI @funwtp

Thank you however the problem seem to have gotten worse.

I saw you published 2 updates : 2.6.0 and 2.7.0

I tried both of them, none of them allow me to type at all, neither will they let me feed data from Custom State nor Database.

@hwgz01 Could you please try updating to 2.8.0? :slight_smile:

@hwgz01 Is everything okay now? Just wonder :slight_smile:

@funwtp does this plugin allow users to mention other users

@funwtp Hi :wave:
Is there a good practice to emulate β€˜auto-binding’ using Workflows for this plugin?

ps: 2.8 Version is working fine … 2.9 & 2.10 delete all content using β€˜Stretch to fit content’

Hey, apologies for a delay in getting back on this.

Could you please review and try to replicate how the plugin is set up at the demo page as I could not see such behaviour there.

Please do reach out if struggle to fix :slight_smile:

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Hi @funwtp

Thanks for replying. I found two bugs, the last one (Bug 2) is it critical cause for some reason break everything inside repeating groups :sob:

Hey @funwtp ,
any update on this? :frowning: