🖋 Build your own Rich Text Editor [New Plugin]


I think the stretching/cursor issue is now fixed. Could you please let me know if now it works as you expected?

Apologies for the delay.

HI @funwtp

Thank you however the problem seem to have gotten worse.

I saw you published 2 updates : 2.6.0 and 2.7.0

I tried both of them, none of them allow me to type at all, neither will they let me feed data from Custom State nor Database.

@hwgz01 Could you please try updating to 2.8.0? :slight_smile:

@hwgz01 Is everything okay now? Just wonder :slight_smile:

@funwtp does this plugin allow users to mention other users

@funwtp Hi :wave:
Is there a good practice to emulate ‘auto-binding’ using Workflows for this plugin?

ps: 2.8 Version is working fine … 2.9 & 2.10 delete all content using ‘Stretch to fit content’

Hey, apologies for a delay in getting back on this.

Could you please review and try to replicate how the plugin is set up at the demo page as I could not see such behaviour there.

Please do reach out if struggle to fix :slight_smile:

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Hi @funwtp

Thanks for replying. I found two bugs, the last one (Bug 2) is it critical cause for some reason break everything inside repeating groups :sob:

Hey @funwtp ,
any update on this? :frowning:

Is there a way to change the font style for this editor? You seem to have the option to do so but I don’t see any changes happening.

@funwtp The plugin looks and feels really nice in the demo page. It is a really great RTE with the customizability many bubble users are surely eager to get their hands on.

I noticed when the user pastes something from the clipboard, either text or an image, then the view jumps up to the top of the editor if it is stretched or it scrolls up if it is set to scrollable. Is this something you might be willing to fix?

Again really great editor!