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🖋 Build your own Rich Text Editor [New Plugin]

Now you can build your own native Rich Text Editor using native Bubble Actions.

See Demo | Open Editor | Get Plugin

The plugin has 35+ Bubble’s actions to enable you to build your perfect native text editor.

As we are developing the plugin primarily for the internal use, customer care of high standard is guaranteed.

P.S. The original thread was taken over by the discussion on the Error ‘$jscomp is not defined’.


Can I (1) enable my user to adjust the line height or (2) create a default for the line height? Specifically, we’re looking for it to be 1.3e

It doesn’t appear that Bubble allows to actually change the line height in the “native” text formatting section of the element editor (line font size is currently changed).

However, please could you give us a couple of days to implement this for you?
The time is such so that I can test all other feature still work correctly after I add this option to specify line height.


Just to keep you informed, we are struggling to make this work while keeping all other features in accord.

Could you please let me know how critical this line height setting is for you.

I will carry on and keep you informed :slight_smile: