Building a full web app - looking for bubble dev for project

I am looking for a freelance bubble developer to build a full web app for a project I am working on. App is a map centric database of projects that will highlight companies (participants) forming a directory for each of these companies highlighting all of their work.
I have a full scope of work as well as a comparison site with very similar features to start from. We engaged a freelancer to start the project but he had to exit due to a full time job offer. Could start where he left off, or start from scratch.
Looking forward to connecting.

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Hi Curtis,

Sounds exciting - I’ll pm you


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I’d love to help and have the opportunity to connect and understand the specifics of your project.

You can msg me here or email me at to get the conversation going.


Hi Curtis! Sounds like something we have done before – would love to take a look. Feel free to book a free call or request a quote at