Building a Shipment Tracking website


I am trying to make a Shipment Tracking website for my clothing brand, but going through some issues.

I need it to only be 2-3 pages.
1st page - for the customer to view their shipment tracking details
2nd page - for myself (or admins) to add new tracking information and update the tracking details.

Also i am using a QR Code scanner on my other apps, but having difficulty fixing it on this app.

The QR Code Scanner will be used as there is a QR Code on each order receipt.
It will be used for admins only (or my delivery person) to quickly scan the QR Code and update the tracking information. Such as “Out For Delivery” - “Order Delivered” and more.

If anyone could help, it’ll be appreciated.


I do not see any question.

What problem are you facing?

not a problem. just trying to make a tracking website for orders/shipments

Best of luck with the building :+1:

How’s it coming along?
What do you need help with?