BUSTED! Bubble Plugin Maxout - 18ish PLUGS

So i cannot install more then 20 pluigns in one app? This is causing a development problem. I know it is a STRIPE subscription limitation. What can be done about that? I am stuck and i need to install several more plugins.

I think Bubble has already been alerted to this, BUT is there a solution and a time-frame? Is there a work around that can be done manually on accounts?

I’m using almost 40 plugins. Not sure there’s any limitation. What is the error?
edit: maybe payment process?
Maybe tomorrow (or after 24 hours) it will be fixed.

There seems to be with my account. For some reason.

Basically says that bubbles stripe account subscription is maxed out. one sec ill get the exact

Do you have more then 18 PAID plugins??? I can still install free ones

Simply send a bug report.
edit: you are the first one with 20 paid plugins! :wink: (I’m near)

thanks i will… :slight_smile:

We said in another thread we’re looking into this stripe limit

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