Button interaction - Delete last custom state (text) from multiline input

Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to use a button to delete last input from a multiline input?

I am using buttons to enter text into the field using custom states (text)
I would like to be able to delete the last entry of the multiline text. The Multiline is locked from editing because if i try and edit the text (with click field - delete text) it breaks the logic and the page has to be refreshed before the buttons will work again.

Is there a way to delete the last text entered?


So, you’re basically making your own keyboard, eh? I’d love to know why. :wink:

Because I already had a working example based on your other thread, I created a delete button in that example, and this workflow for the delete button appears to do the trick.


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Hey Mike,

I noticed that your expression has yellow quotes around it. Mine won’t allow me to add - 2. I suspect that this is because i don’t have the open close bracket?



My expression has parentheses around it because I have enabled the new (experimental) parentheses feature.

The above being said, I don’t know if you are trying to type “- 2”, but if so, that’s not how you do it. You will select the minus operator from the More… dropdown, and then will type the 2 after it.

Was just trying to mimic the example to ensure it worked first, just want to get rid of 1 char in the multiline

Yup, and what I posted does exactly that (even though it looks like it’s removing 2 characters, it only deletes the character associated with the last button the user clicked).

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