Button to open a mobile application?

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I wonder if it’s possible to make a button open a certain mobile application when clicked (when viewing the page via browser). For example, when clicked, it opens the TikTok app or at least prompts a window where the user can choose an app to open. Wireframe of how my app looks:


I’ve tried finding a solution for this over the forum but didn’t succeed.


I just put this link in my browser and it prompted me to open the app.


So maybe replace that with tiktok. Also I am finding it only works for me if I have the app installed.

Hey @williamtisdale - thanks for the reply.

So just to clarify, the button “record with TikTok app” should then link to which URL, considering your example?

I didn’t know it could be achieved that way. Also, yes, it would be a pre-requisite that the user already has the TikTok app installed.

Thank you

I cannot get it to work on my mac because I do not have tiktok downloaded but just say if I did then by clicking a Link(which bubble has as an element) and it sent me to “tiktok://www.tiktok.com” then my browser would pop up an alert asking me if I wanted to open the application. you can replace the word tiktok with any app you may have on your computer or phone to see if it works. For me, I tested it with postman and discord and in both cases I was prompted to open the app.

This is the url: “tiktok://www.tiktok.com”

I am assuming that the name of the app followed by colon and two forward slashes then the website url does the trick.

it works! I’ve just tried it. Thanks a lot :slight_smile: Now another thing would be to figure out if it’s possible to directly open the camera on TikTok app. But for now, this is very good.

Thanks once again!

Probably look here for the next task. It actually looks like you could just have them record it in your app and share it to tiktok form there.

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