Button visible on preview page, but does not exist in editor

I’ve run into a weird bug. There is a button that is viewable in preview mode that I cannot find in editor.



I’ve tried using the search capability to look for a button with the name “Update Personal Next” and also for all buttons on that page, but nothing comes up for either.

Has anyone seen anything like this before?

Have you looked up the elements tree?

Alternatively, use the debugger’s inspector tool to find out it’s name

@cmarchan yes, I’ve looked in the element tree and I’ve used the inspect tool to find the name and search for it. I cannot find the button either way.

Element Tree


Try looking at reusable elements present on the page

I will, but wouldn’t I be seeing the button on other pages that use the same reusable elements?

I looked in the reusable elements and did not find the button.

I think I know what is going on.

Try looking at the styling conditions of the green button.

It may be the same button but reacting to a condition with a different look

The green element is an alert, not a button. I checked its conditions and it has none.

Try looking for any html element there

Try looking for text elements (or group) conditions that may be styled to look like buttons

Try looking at the page’s html box and see if any code is there that is making this happen

I looked at all the html/text elements on the page and found nothing with style/conditions on it.

You can see in the DOM that the button is actually a <button> element:

Can you elaborate on your third suggestion, the “page’s html box”? I’m not clear what you mean by that.

Also, thank you so much for the consistent and quick replies on this issue.

I meant Bubble editor html elements

Every page has an html box in its properties editor. There could be some code there.

Are you using a template?

Do you mean this?

Yes, we are using a template. However, the page with the issue is a new one created from scratch. We had added the phantom button for testing and the deleted it.

If you still can’t find it feel free to share a read-only link to your editor - I’m sure someone will be happy to take a look for you to see what’s going on here.

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Here’s a read-only link to the page in the editor: Glass-and-bugle | Bubble Editor

Indeed I cannot find it. It exists though:

I see the following plugin on the page “profile” where the ghost button shows:

And this plugin is not available in a similar page called “profile_v2” and there is no ghost button there:

This behaviour may be caused by code coming from this plugin.

I suggest you try this:
Clone the page
Delete the plugin from this new clone page
See if the ghost button shows up

The plugin was actually just installed yesterday. The ghost button issue has been happening for over a week, so I it’s very unlikely the ghost button issue is related to the TabFix plugin.

We actually did clone the page last week. profile_v2 is a clone of the profile. Cloning it did fix the ghost button issue, but profile_v2 has it’s own problem :man_facepalming::

Finally stumbled into the phantom button.

While adding a new feature to the page, I went into the responsive viewer and noticed another phantom element. The new anomaly was a text element.

I selected the text object and clicked edit in the responsive element inspector. This brought me into the UI editor. The element remained hidden, but the element inspector was visible and I deleted the text object. Repeated the process for the phantom button.

Still stumped on the issues origin, but we learned the responsive view is valuable when looking for ghosts.

Thanks to all for the help!

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