Calculate Days from Start of Launch Date

Hi Bubblers, I need some direction on how to put up a “number of days elapsed since launch date”.

For example:
Launched date = 1st Dec 2017
So, today’s date as 19 Dec 2017, that no will be 18 days.

I no need to store information, its just for display / reference purposes to motivate users of their commitment.

Thanks for any directions or solutions you can provide.

Hi Carl, simply use Relative Time plugin.


Hi JohnMark, thank you so much for the suggestion. :smiley:

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Welcome :wink:

Hi @JohnMark, sorry I’m afraid I do not know how to use the plugin itself yet in bubble.

I may need this script:


But don’t have idea where to place this. The plugin only offers a clickable date field with options.

For your further guidance, pls.

Hi @carl,

The relative time plugin should be able to do what you need. Have you looked at the demo and tried to follow the instructions on the plugin page? If so and you’re still having trouble, please share details of where you’re stuck exactly, perhaps with some screenshots or a link to your editor.

Quick tip - in your case I think you need to set the target date of the relative time plugin element to the (user’s) launch date, then in the text field that you want to show the relative time (like ‘18 days ago’), set it’s value to be the relative time element’s current value.

Thanks @JohnMark for recommending the plugin :grinning:


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It give a wise look to my app, thanks to you again :slight_smile:

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The confusion is that you have to insert the plugin first inside your RG, and than you call it in Text for example.


Many big thanks to you, @louisadekoya and @JohnMark ! :smile:

I’m so happy that with your help above, I learned how to use the plugin, and achieved what I wanted to do.

For beginner’s benefit also, a simple screenshot below how was it done.


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