Calculate RG Price from Data Base with Input?

I’m in need of a way to calculate ‘Current cell’s Price’ with an input from that cell as well.
This RG is displayed names from DB and the checker adds the price to the total sum. But now I need the ability to calculate quantities as well, think of (Cell 1 * Quantity 1) + (Cell 2 * Quantitiy 2) + etc… and at the end I need to sum everything together to display Total Price
I’m sure there is a way but I’ve spent too much time being stuck at this stage and now I’m asking for help

Thank you!

Thank you!
This seems to be it, but can you please tell me why is Previous Value needed? Shouldn’t the new subtotal update without subtracting the old value?

It basically allows correct tracking of the total if the user goes back and changes a previous value. We are t then adding the change in values between cells since, if a user changes a cell from say $10 to $1 the value needs to decrease. Without it we are only ever adding numbers to the total not subtracting.

I was confused at first but yes, it makes a lot of sense actually
Thanks a lot!

check it out @vlad.palamariu

i am waiting on approval but i was able to produce basically a clone of the Bdk repeating group plugin. i’m waiting on bubble approval now but it will be onthe marketplace for 5$

super easy way to get your data out of the rg


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