Calculation with bubble

I have an excel sheet with formulas and I would like to bring them into an app made with Bubble putting some input filled by the user which are then calculated and the result is shown in a text element
could someone help me?

Hello @quidsicurezza

Great start!

The excel tabs are your bubble things (your data types)
Then think of CRUD … create, read, update, and delete. This is what your app needs to be able to do with your data.
Inputs to enter data and texts to display them
Try to first setup your app like this:
Top section: Inputs and a button to enter data. Do not forget to group them so that they stay together.
Main section: Repeating group to display your data.

… I just realized that is much to describe … so perhaps I can suggest the following video (not a tutorial … it is rather a walkthrough … but it can get you started with the above concepts. later you can design a better UI and build it in Bubble)

Build a full SCRUD application without code with Bubble in 25 minutes

Best of luck with your app! :+1:

Hi, thanks for the answer
the data that my user must enter is numeric and I need the app to do some calculations with the values ​​contained in this field

Where Bubble falls short in math … you can use the math.js plugin which connects to this free service for pretty much any advanced calcs that you may need :+1: