Calendar Agenda View?

Two in day ahah!

Does anyone know if a way to get an agenda or live view for a calendar. I dont want a repeating group as that will only show days with events when I want to show the years events in a list. I am willing to get a plugin, but I have been through all the ones under the search terms calendar, agenda, list… ahah I tried everything.

Any ideas?


Ahah! Sorry, but I mentioned that I don’t want to use a RG because I want to show the days that do not have events. I was hoping to use some sort of calendar plugin or something similar that would show all the dates and the events would populate in correct dates.

Having to load 365 days would take a while and not be very practical. I dont want it to be ext. vertical scrolling. I want to have it be pretty fluid.

Yeah, but not through a repeating group.

That will take a while, but if the calendar element has that built in, I assume it would load faster. I am basing it off of other calendar elements I have seen on other web apps.