Calendar days and events are not clickable!

I am able to create calendar events (using a separate button) and to display them.
I should be able to click on a calendar day to do this, and I should be able to click on a displayed event to do some other action:

But they are not showing up on preview as clickable!

There are other oddities: the next/previous month arrows don’t work and the today button appears twice.

Any ideas please?

Do you have anything invisible covering them up? That happens on occasion, might be worth checking that first?

I have a couple of popups. I have resized and moved stuff so they don’t overlap.
The problem is still there.
I’ll try removing the popups…

That didn’t help. But I deleted the calendar and then inserted it again.
Now it works! At least, I can select by day, event, and change the month.
But there is buggy rendering if I change the “Available views” to Month only:
The calendar fills the page width, the month left arrow and today button appear twice. My “+” icon has moved to the left of the page (in the Design it is on the right). Maybe the calendar element can’t handle a small width?

If I change back to Day-month-week view option then it looks a bit better but is still not right:

The appearance is improved if I reduce the calendar’s font size.

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