Calendar from Google - How to display upcoming events?

I’m trying to integrate my Google Calendar into my page but am having some issues with this app. Helpfully Zeroqode put virtually no instructions on it at all!

I’ve got the API Key and Secret working fine and I can log in to my calendar account, but I can’t figure out how to actually retrieve anything from my calendar.

Let’s say all I want to do is have a repeating group that shows a list of my upcoming events, how would I go about doing that?

No matter what I set as the repeating groups content type or data source, or for the text box placed inside the repeating group, I can’t seem to get it to actually pull any information from my calendar at all.

Help please!


Hey @alexjshaw

You would need to setup this API call:

Set it up as a data call and you’ll be able to display the list of events in your RG

Hope that helps

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Not really sure how to implement that!

Complete novice at all of this I’m afraid.