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Calendar Grid Pro: Calendar Generator, Date Picker, Date Range Picker Like Airbnb, | Now at Version 1.6.1 - Fixes a Safari Compatibility Issue, minor bugfix

Schedule the API workflow from the page. (I suspect what you’re showing me here is a screenshot from the “backend workflows” tab/page).

You’ll find the same option in your page.

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You are a rockstar! Thank you so much for all your help. My calendar function now works PERFECTLY for all the different combinations of DOW-blocks, minimum nights etc. Thank you!!

hi Keith,

is there a way to show in the calendar BLOCKED dates (red color) + another BLOCKED date with special status (another color)

I have this use case:
*I assign a status to appointments (pending, rejected, accepted)

  • I show in CGP the booked dates (status <>rejected) for current user merged with booked dates from another user. Basically to show their merged calendars
  • I want to highlight with a different color the date between the two users

I was thinking to use picked date for that purpose, but it’s dynamic and I cannot use it for a read only view. Thoughts?

ALSO, is there a way to disable CGP/make it not clickable? for my read only view. I don’t see it in the options.

Hello Keith,
Is there a way to have multiple people “checked in” on the same date(s)?

For example, if a hotel can handle 5 customers per day. When customers 1, 2, 3, and 4 books a date the date would still show it’s available. But once the 5th customer books, the date becomes blocked.

If this is an option, do all dates have to have the same “max” number of rooms, or can you set it up for an individual dates (“May 5, 2021 = 5 customers max”, “May 6, 2021 = 8 customers max”, “May 7, 2021 = 6 customers max”…)

Thank you

I think this plugin doesn’t let me run debug mode properly. I isolated the issue removing plugins, does anybody else has the same issue?

@natserrano it should run just fine in debug mode. Note that you may be using some other plugin that conflicts with Calendar Grid Pro. If you point me to the page in question, I can tell you more.

ah I think you’re right. it’s conflicting with the COUNTABLE plugin from zeroqode in the same reusable. But I Need BOTH, what can I do so they co-exist in peace like good brothers from a different mother?

Yes, see the “label dates” action, which I’m pretty sure lets you color a given date (and might also let you block it, but I can’t remember ATM).