Calendar Grid Pro: Calendar Generator, Date Picker, Date Range Picker Like Airbnb, | Now at Version 1.6.1 - Fixes a Safari Compatibility Issue, minor bugfix

Watch this space: An overview of my new commercial plugin Calendar Grid Pro is coming soon… Here’s a taste:

And here’s a video introduction:

Calendar Grid Pro is now available in the plugins tab! The plugin page is here:

Calendar Grid Pro is a high-performance, mobile-friendly, responsive custom calendar display element, date picker, multi-date picker, interactive date range picker, and much more.

Calendar Grid Pro was designed and built — from the ground up — specifically for Bubble and for the Bubble developer seeking advanced date picking and date range picking features.

Ideal for travel/lodging booking sites similar to Airbnb, VRBO, etc., or any application that requires selecting or displaying date ranges.

Calendar Grid Pro delivers advanced date picking features and performance that rival — and exceed — Airbnb’s “React-Dates” library, in a Bubble-friendly format, written in well-optimized code.


Looks slick! Can’t wait to see the live demo :slight_smile:

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Here ya go… A brief introduction to Calendar Grid Pro:

Lots more to show and share! Woot!


One word. Breathtaking.

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Sweet! I’d love to know what you created that presentation with.

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Loom — video cap in the browser.

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Wow, bang-up job, @keith! Nice work!

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Nice job @keith :+1:

Coming from someone who uses the old school RG method of calendars, your plugin looks super quick and the generation of listed individual dates could be very useful indeed. Plus the range selector on hover is something I’ve always wanted in my calendars, without hacking it to death.


Looks stunning :heart_eyes:, any idea on when it’s gonna be out?



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Hey @marcusandrews, I submitted it to the Bubble plugin marketplace yesterday. I don’t have an email yet with any info about approval. Hopefully it will be available there soon!

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And yes, it includes the Klingon Locale! (Language code tlh, if I remember correctly.)

Calendar Grid Pro is now available in the plugin browser. The plugin page is here:

I’m working on another Loom video showing some of the basic setup as I convert my RG-based calendars in to Calendar Grid Pro! Will post that in a bit!



Congratulations @keith. Will take a proper look when I’m on my laptop, look forward to the how to video :clap:

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So, while recording some little video of me working with Calendar Grid Pro, my computer ran out of power (thanks, whoever unplugged that… probably me), and it unceremoniously quit. So, here’s the first few minutes of working with Calendar Grid… More to come shortly!:

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Continuing on: I talk about some of the styling options for Calendar Grid Pro (and not yet getting any “real” work done, but that’s OK because we’re having fun):

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More “how to” with Calendar Grid Pro: Converting the calendars to use Calendar Grid Pro. In this video, I talk a bit about timezone-awareness, and do a lil’ bit of tweaky stuff to convert my RG-based calendars to Calendar Grid Pro. We mess around with more styling options and I discover a couple of lil’ gotchas along the way. And we get into the locale options a bit, showing how the localized strings are exposed.

Live Bubbling with @keith!:

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To whoever just subscribed to Calendar Grid… Thank you! (Bubble doesn’t tell us who subbed, so make yourself known to me by sending a DM, umm-kay?)

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Hey @keith, it was me! Just been playing around with it for the last hour and it’s incredible. So many customisation options and functionality packed into one plugin! Just sent you a DM


Hey @keith before I purchase the plugin is it possible to do these on Calendar Grid Pro

Thank you for releasing this plugin.