I am trying to find out how to filter a list of dates so that the only ones that show are dates that are contained in a list of date ranges.

Basically, I have a field labeled as a list of date ranges. It contains multiple date ranges that represent when a worker is available. Now, I would like to filter the Calendar Tool’s list of times so that the only ones that show are the ones that are within the available date ranges.

Hello @intrascopellc

  1. Grab your earliest date:
    List of dates each item :start :min

  2. Grab your latest date:
    List of dates each item :end :max

  3. Build the expression to have your ranges start date to be greater than your earliest date and to be less than your latest date.

Hope the above helps

It didn’t work. :frowning:

I am trying to put constraints so that a single date is only shown when it is anywhere inside a list of date ranges.

For example, the list of date ranges could be:

September 8 · 9am-5pm
September 13 · 10:30am-2pm

I would then want to exclude a single date that was not contained in these ranges.

For example, for a single date like September 9 · 6:30pm, it would return “NO” because it is not within the date ranges listed above.

Hope that makes sense.

Thank you in advance!

:rounded down to date will make all the dates go to 00:00

How can I use this information to solve the issue?

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