Call server side action from Element


I’m new to plugin development in Bubble.

I’m looking for a way to call a server side method or action from the element’s “initialize” function. Is this possible?
Can I call a server side Actions that is specified on the Plugin?

To clarify… I would like to do something like:

function(instance, context) {
    const weavy = new Weavy(); 
    weavy.url = properties.weavy_url;
    weavy.tokenFactory =  async (refresh) => {        
      return await invoke('token', { refresh: refresh });

…where invoke is of course made up, but could be like a bridge between client and server code. To get a new user access token in this case, I need to use an API key that I cannot expose on the client side. So the api request must be made on the server.


No, you can’t call the server side action from the element- only end user can.

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