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Can a repeating group pull images?

I am having an issue getting my repeating group to display list of images within the “image display”.

I have the image display grab data from the field within the correct database “list of images”

When i preview the page there is a scroll bar indicating that the repeating list is there, but nothing in the list.

Things I have tried (I have tried so many things that i don’t remember everything or even in what order):

Removed the image display box to just have a repeating group with database set to image type. and field to grab from (Why did i try this? because i had not tried that yet and running out of thoughts)

Actually as i prepare to try to type this…I can’t. There was just so much i have tried I don’t even know where to begin, but thats my problem…can’t get the list to display images, and all the tutorials videos i have searched for regarding repeating groups do a great job explaining repeating groups, but they always use text, and i don’t have problems displaying text in repeating groups, which makes me think there is probably some other way to do it with images.

Is this is a list of Images or a list of things that have an image in a field ?

Thanks for the reply Nigel. It is a list of images.
I don’t really have the bubble lingo down, so let me try to explain.

I have the database (ie :user) and in the database there is a field “images” that has a “field type” of image, and then check marked as a “list”.

And I want to display that list of current user’s images into a repeating group.

I hope that makes sense.

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What you want in the image is …


same problem … except the image is stored in the main database … not “user”