Can anyone share google material design style for bubble app

Has anyone created whole set of styles in bubble using google material design as per the guidebook and willing to share ?

I’m looking for groups, text typography, buttons etc. for any color palette full with conditional formatting m, shadows and elevations configured. Don’t want to spend hours on making these if someone is already using material design in the page and can share that.

I think it’s still a bit complicated to make true Google Material Design with Bubble. Setting the size of buttons and padding are two things that spring to mind.

Any idea how close we can get?

You can get very close with color, text, and styling, it just requires manual effort – just need to read the guide. There are a few concepts that are not achievable in Bubble at the moment; things like animations or stylized menus.

Just to give you an idea, here’s a screenshot of something I’m working on. The icons at the bottom only appear after hovering over the pencil icon. As you hover over each one it will display a title next to the icon.


Will you be able to share the stylesheet somehow so others don’t have to recreate all the elements and use it as a repository :slight_smile:

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Bubble does offer a Material Style theme that you can select. It will help with getting a jump start. Other things you’ll just have to design yourself. I don’t have anything I can really provide at the moment.

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